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Radical reshaping the church paradigm
Only for the eyes of carnivores (meat eating Christians) and not for milk drinking vegans
Victor Choudhrie
25   Steps to transit from being barren to a millionaire of souls.
1.   Shift from church culture to kingdom culture: Yeshua Messiah came preaching the Kingdom (Matthew 4:17-19), trained twelve disciples and sent them two by two (2x2) (Mark 6:7) with authority to heal the sick, cast out evil spirits and preach the Kingdom. His church exploded to seventy members, whom he also sent (2x2) to find Houses of Peace (Luke 10) and plant the Kingdom. The church exists for advancing His Kingdom, demonstrated by restored missional communities of love, joy, justice, peace, security and beauty. Our God is a ‘sender’ God. If you are only gathering and not scattering your members 2x2 to advance the Kingdom, among the lost of the city, then your church is just a cowshed designed for milking cash cows. To rectify this, the church needs to get out of the bondage of religion (re=again; ligare=bondage) and adopt kingdomization of the world as its mandate. The world applauds power, position and possessions but kingdom values, kingdom impact and kingdom advance are our governors and motivators.
The contemporary church needs radical overhauling and not a cosmetic job. For Kingdom advance, rewrite the job description of Dr. Fixit from that of a pulpit orator, sacrament dispenser and tithe gatherer, to one who identifies the gifts and talents of all those on the pews; “For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable” and equip them to be two-legged walking and talking temples of the living God whose passion is to catch two-legged fish. Our God does not ordain ‘Reverends’ but fishers of men. He is a shepherd who feeds his flock to be healthy, reproducing and multiplying by encouraging them to practice priesthood of all believers with authority to baptize, break bread and reproduce fishers of men. His flock must model an inclusive flat missional church structure wherein there is no hierarchy but everyone submits to one another, prays one for another, serves one another, exhorts, forgives and loves each other, and fifty more “one another’s” so that, “The world may know that you are My disciples.”  Kingdom cannot be experienced alone in isolation, but together as members of the household of God. 1 John 5:19; Rom. 11:29; Matt. 4:17, 19; 24:14; Galatians 1:8; 2 Cor. 6:16; 11:4; Isa. 6:8; John 13:34-35;20:21; Eph. 4:11,12; 5:21; 1Peter 2:5,9; Ephesians 2:19
2.  Move away from corporatized, commercialized, fossilized, ritualized, traditionalized, monopolized, politicized and over-organized Christianity which needs to be democratized, decentralized and diversified; to gathering in simple organic ‘houses of peace’, which are biblical, kingdom oriented, customizable, effective, productive, flexible and free. From Moses to Yeshua, for nearly 1500 years God lived in tents (tabernacles) and temples made with human hands but since then ‘God no longer dwells in temples made with human hands’; rather He dwells in human hearts. You are the mobile walking and talking temples of the living God, with a maximum of organism and a minimum of organization. These are not just semantics but strategic. It does not matter how good a strategy you have for church growth, if you have the wrong platform (brick and mortar church) because that is grounded on mere verbiage (sand),  “having a form of godliness, but denying the power of it; even turn away from these.” 2Tim. 3:5.  
Growing radicalism and hostility in many countries is uprooting millions of families including innocent children, from their home, hearth and culture and bringing them to your door step as economic migrants, desperately in need of urgent humanitarian and spiritual help. Regardless of caste, colour, gender or creed; Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Jihadi, Yeshua said, children are the greatest in the Kingdom of God and anyone offending them could end up taking a deep dive to the bottom of the ocean with a mill around his neck. God is orchestrating this unprecedented mass migration in human history and creating the greatest opportunity so that they can hear and see the Gospel of love in action and come to the saving knowledge of Christ. How myopic can the church get if it saw it as a problem rather than as an opportunity? While coming out of Egypt, God destroyed Edom because they refused to provide food and water to the hungry and thirsty Israel, even as they were willing to pay for it. (Matt. 19:14; Ezekiel 25:12-14)
The attractional churches should give up their gimmicks and set up coalitions of emergency task force to handle this special situation. It is well known that if help is forthcoming when it is most needed, grateful people readily accept the faith of their benefactors but once they settle down, it becomes very difficult because overtime, the hurting people become bitter. Planting below the radar, invisible churches that quietly and covertly multiply, is not only wisdom but is the only option available. Do not take Christians only for the bus ride but also invite seekers in your house gatherings. Even though designed for eternity, most Christians do not have a sense of destiny and therefore leave no legacy behind. Think eternity and leave behind a legacy of a miracle-working “houses of prayer” movement among the perishing. The job of the shepherd is not just managing the sheep but engaging them in the secular world to catapult not-yet-Christians into the kingdom of His dear Son. Anything less is preaching half-truth. Knowing the truth and not practicing the truth makes you a hypocrite.
The core motivation of your life must be to share Christ, the image of the invisible God, with other fellow creatures. This is not optional but obligatory. Do not try to be politically correct. You do not need permission from a drowning person to save him. True leaders are addicted to spotting talent, mentoring and empowering them by giving responsibility, authority; resourcing them and releasing them to do greater things than them. Teaching is not transferring knowledge but helping them to discover biblical truths and obeying them. Coaches demonstrate hands on discipling skills, while elders build character, together they impart vision and passion, elevating degraded people into saints of the Most High. Luke 10:5-9; Matt. 10:11-13; Acts 7:48-49; 17:11; 2 Cor. 2:14-17
3.   Phase out programmed Sunday ‘services’ with lots of feathers but not much chicken. With Christians, especially the millennials leaving the church in droves and swelling the ranks of atheists and agnostics, there is no doubt that the church has goofed it up big time. Those who do not mend will end up in garbage dump.  Actualize informal, small interactive “meatings” (breaking bread from house to house) designed to proliferate into every home in the city. The first thing that happened during the first Pentecost after the baptism of 3000 souls, was that instead of meeting under one roof in the temple, they blessed the city by meeting under thousands of roofs. The Bride of Christ must have intimacy with her Lord every day, not only for a couple of hours a week, lest she become unfaithful. However, discourage cross-gender disciple-making, lest chemistry fouls things up.
Christ, the creator only planted the Garden of Eden as a model and left the rest of the earth desolate for His Bride, to complete the Creation Mandate, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and have dominion over it.” Honor the Lord with first fruits and not with the leftovers. A household exists not only for producing biological children but also to be a center of vibrant spiritual activity for reproducing and mentoring spiritual children, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Yeshua did not come to start a religion but to restore the Old Covenant that was broken by Israel of being a kingdom of priests to the nations. (Exodus 19:5,6) He not only saves us but restores us as royal priests through his blood sacrifice. (Revelation 5:9,10).
Do not try failed methods of doing church, mired in status quo, but initiate strategies and processes to ignite a cascading movement by being creative and innovative. Look at a lost person, as a cat looks at a mouse, and you will get him. You do not need a lost sheep’s permission to rescue it. Believe that God is going to work a work among the nations through you, which will leave you utterly amazed. Our God is God of second chance and He can use you as you are and where you are. God and Yeshua, they are not stagnaters but senders, “As the Father has sent me so I send you.” Everyone can reach someone. You are not just a nobody, but wired up to be a discipler of nations. “Seek the Lord while he may be found and do the works that he sent you to do for the night comes when no one can do any work.Acts 2:46-47; Matt. 16:19; Col. 1:15-20; Heb.3:13; Gen.1:28; Prov. 3:9; Hab. 1:5; Isaiah 55:6; John 9:4
4.    Replace legalistic tithing with freewill offering and extravagant sharing specifically for reaping the harvest. Tithe was never cash but always “food”, the firstling of animals, corn, first fruits, wine and oil etc. to be eaten by the devotee’s extended oikos (household), which included Levites, orphans, widows and the strangers (Gentiles). If you came from a long distance, you had to buy an animal at the temple market, as gold or silver coins could not be barbequed at the brazen altar. Gifts and free will offerings can be in cash or kind, like the widow’s mite. Even today, the Kingdom grows on ‘Widow’s mite’, the poor people who give from their meager pensions and scanty savings, and not the rich who give mere tokenism from their abundance. In the NT they must be offered at the apostles’ feet for the apostolic agenda of reaping the harvest. If you must, then just give half a shekel ($5 per year in today’s value) to the church as Temple tax to have your baby baptized, your daughter married and you to be buried in a Church’s cemetery. Yeshua called it ‘tribute’ and made it optional saying the children of the kingdom do not have to pay it. (Matt. 17: 24-27; Exodus 30:13,15)
While in the OT, the Tithe was eaten by the extended oikos, in the New Testament, Tithe is pot luck dinner in a house church, “Breaking bread from house to house” and eaten with gladness of heart to multiply Messiah, the bread of life that came down from heaven. Harness the enormous financial resources, hospitality and goodwill available in Christian homes. Why give only a tenth for the salvation of others when Yeshua gave hundred percent on the cross for your salvation? We are free in Christ and not under legalistic bondage. Jews tithed dutifully, but we invest cheerfully and abundantly because the gold standard of success is the quality and quantity of harvest reaped through the stewardship of that resource. You are blessed, “So that His way may be known on earth, His salvation among all nations.” (Psalm 67:2) God loves harvest, so, invest in the harvesters first, family second and job last, will set your priorities right and He will supply all your needs according from his riches in glory. Reversing it results in a dysfunctional family and a lost paradise. Yeshua made a full and final sacrifice for our atonement and the best way to add value to that is by saving sinners. Deut. 8:17-18; 14:23-27; Luke 6:38; Acts 4:34-35; John 6:51,58; Rom. 16:20; Mal. 3:10; 2 Cor. 9:6,7; Matt. 6:33; 1Tim. 5:8; Phil. 4:18,19; Jam. 4:13; 5:20
5.    Demythologize wafer-and-sip sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and instead promote breaking of bread with simple Agape meals (love feasts) from house to house, that believers take with glad hearts, ‘and the Lord added to His numbers daily’. The Lord served roast lamb, bitter herb, bread and wine, not in a synagogue but ‘in a house’ for the Last Supper. Melchizedek served bread and wine to Abraham in the middle of a highway. Father God had lunch with Abraham, the Father of Gentiles, under a tree and discussed Sarah’s pregnancy, Sodom’s ruin and Lot’s rescue plan. On the day of Passover, an Israeli slave with zero identity, sacrificed a lamb in Egypt and splattered its blood on the door posts, he became a protector, provider and a priest of his family and corporately a kingdom of Priests. The greatest sin of the church is to keep you blind and ignorant about your authority, rights, privileges and responsibilities as a priest to your family and to the nations, thus degrading you into a non-functional Layperson. Gen. 18
A priest in the Tabernacle offered a sacrifice, then washed his hands (works) and his feet (walk with God) and examined himself (conscience) in the mirror like brass Laver before taking the sacrifice saturated fire on to the Altar of Incense, in the Holy Place, lest he die. We are asked to examine ourselves before taking the Lord’s Supper, lest we take it unworthily. Yeshua also saw Zacchaeus, the tax collector and the Samaritan woman as sinners but did not condemn them but transformed them into valuable kingdom resource and game changers. The priest in the OT offered animal sacrifice on a daily basis. Not fulfilling your role as a royal priest by offering lost sheep as spiritual sacrifice, amounts to taking the Lord’s Supper unworthily. Choices made here on earth will decide whether you will be counted worthy to sit and eat the wedding feast at the Lord’s table with the Samaritan woman, the Gadarene and Zack, the tax collector. Acts 2:46-47; 20:7; 1 Cor.11:20-30; Exo. 12:8; 19:5,6; 38:8; 1; 1 Pet. 2:9; Cor. 11:28

6.   Replace professional music with speaking to each other in psalms and spiritual songs, making melody in your hearts; “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” The Holy Spirit in the apostate church has been displaced by technology. The church is a discipling hub and not a singing club. Not the ear piercing ecstatic variety inside the church with lots of icing but no cake but ‘worship’ took place, not inside the Haikal (Holy Place) in the Temple but out in the open court, where man met with God at the altar with his sacrifice, penitence and gratitude. Worship must result in reconciliation and relational restoration with the Father.
Worship in the Temple required a Sword, the Fire (altar) and Sacrificial animals. On the Pentecost, the birthday of the church, “worship in spirit and in truth” took place in a house and not the temple, with the Sword (Word of God); the tongues of Fire (Holy Spirit) and 3000 repentant souls offered up as a living Sacrifice. This was to restore the 3000 unrepentant souls that were killed by iron sword in the wilderness for worshiping a golden calf. The Jews worshipped God by offering four-footed dead sheep; the traditional church worships by offering empty praise of their lips by singing endless songs but the New Testament church worships God by offering the lost sheep as living sacrifice, “to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles in the priestly service of the gospel of God, so that the offering of the Gentiles may be acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.” Not the quality of worship inside the chapel but the quality and quantity of disciples made outside the chapel that glorifies God. “Worship in truth and spirit” is no longer confined to any religious meeting or building but “from the rising of the sun to its going down, pure offering (repentant souls) and incense (intercessory prayer for the nations) will be offered up” in anyplace, where you make disciples. Gen. 22:5-7; Psalm 51:17; 2Chron. 7:12; Eph 5:19; Col 3:16; Psalm 50:14; Rom.12:1,2; 15:16; John 4: 20-24; 15:8; Acts 2:47; Malachi 1:11
7.    Upgrade your church from a community of believers to a community of disciple-makers: Shift from the building that is erroneously called the church for we are the church, the Body and Bride of Yeshua. The brick and mortar building church has done more harm to the spread of Christianity than anything else, because it is dedicated to Christians only, that grows by transfer and not by conversion. Many shamelessly celebrate silver/gold/diamond jubilees even centenaries without having won any souls and with zero citywide impact. They are resource guzzling institutions that dictate but do not engage. Their era is over, ready to implode from within.
If you want to transform your city then upgrade your church from a community of believers to a community of disciple-makers. Convert your own house or some other convenient place into Bet Tafillah (House of Prayer) inviting non-believers to an interactive, participatory, gender-neutral prophetic church, where everyone can share a psalm, a doctrine, a revelation, a tongue, a testimony, a dream or a vision, all laced with a cup of coffee and a sandwich.  Remember there are four kinds of soil in your church, only the good soil will produce thirty-fold, sixty-fold and hundred-fold1Cor. 14:23:32; Rev. 3:20; Luke 10:5-8
Encouraging the believers and non-believes to share their points of view, has the potential to unleash a disciple making movement and ignite a citywide Kingdom multiplication. In the Synagogue, the Ruler was only a facilitator and not the orator, where several elders reasoned, persuaded and even disputed and the audience was free to react, sometimes violently. (Acts 17:1,2; 18:4; 19:8-10) Spiritual maturity is not how much you know but how obedient you are to what you already know. Not using your God given tools makes you rusty, ineffective and worthless. Making disciples and leveraging organic house groups as platform for igniting Kingdom movement is not only fun but has the potential to have your name written in the Book of the Lamb.
To precipitate a seismic shift, find Samaritan women and demonized Gadarenes, detoxicate and dispatch them as workplace apostles (sent ones) from day one. The dragon is now driving the world by default because 99 percent of sincere Christians are sincerely incompetent to disciple anyone in their work places. Remember his family and friends saw David only as a shepherd boy but God saw him as a king. People saw Esther only as a refugee slave girl but God saw her as a queen. So give up your hang ups and maximize ordinary believers using their unique gifts and talents to dethrone the enemy and populate your city with the “saints” of the Most High. Saints are those who have made a covenant with God (to be a blessing to others) with a sacrifice (sanctified lost soul). Only the prayers of the saints (not all prayers), saturated with the sacrifice of broken and contrite hearts, reach the Throne of God via the Golden altar.
The sinful Samaritan woman was transformed into a saint when she understood that worship in spirit and in truth is bringing the whole village to the feet of Jesus. Saints do not just sing songs and call it worship, they offer lost sheep as sweet-smelling fragrance to God. People saw the Samaritan woman as a sinner but Yeshua saw her as a saint. 1 Cor.14:26-32; Luke 6:13; James 4:17; 1John 5:19; Dan. 7:18,27; Ps. 50:5; 51:17; John 4:20-23; Rev. 8:3,4; 2 Cor. 5:1-4
8.    Your Lord did not preach from the same pulpit twice. Why should you? Especially as 150,000 people die every day worldwide, most of them into Christless eternity. Out of seven billion people of the world only two billion are Christians, who will also perish for non-performance. Yeshua came to seek and to save the lost. Are you proactively seeking and saving the lost? If not, why not; when there are tens of millions that have yet to hear the gospel for the first time? After three months of fruitless exhortations in the synagogue, Paul shifted into the Hall of Tyrannous in the noisy fish market. There he put on his working apron, crafted tents to earn his living, as he conducted T4T (Training for Trainers) for his twelve Ephesian disciples, as well as implanting the DNA of Multiplication in his clients, the nomadic pagans into zealous itinerant evangelists. They took his healing napkins and aprons and shared with other pagans what they had seen and heard. The outcome – all Asia (Turkey) heard the gospel. This model stridently negates the myth that synagogues (churches) are needed to be launching pads for a CPM (Church Planting Movement). They are designed for profit and not for mobility and momentum for they lack the DNA of multiplication.
For explosive impact, do not be seduced by rhetoric, or buildings or music or by numbers but invest on a few to metastasize your mega-church into city, regional, national and even multinational networks of mini-churches and shoot for the ends of the earth. Instead of one roof, encourage multisite gatherings under thousands of roofs; just like the mega church at Jerusalem birthed myriads of mini-churches in Samaria, Antioch, Corinth, Rome, Cappadocia and beyond wherever people were dispersed in diaspora, that grew daily, in faith and in numbers, both in quality and quantity.
The objective is to see that your country with many nations under many gods must become one nation under one God. Many nations to their peril have turned away from God in their schools, hospitals, courts, governments, administration and media while their shepherds are slumbering. Can the little churches doctrinally go wrong? Of course, they can, just as the big churches go wrong in a big way. Stay with movers and shakers. We, the seed of Abraham are blessed; “with multiplying I will multiply you and your seed will possess the gate (cities) of the enemy”. Not possessing the cities can rob you of your inheritance. Rom. 16:3-15; Acts 1:8; 16:5; 17:6; 19:8-10; 26:18; Nahum 3:18; Gen. 22:17-18
9.   Shift focus from Christians to the lost: Every organization knows its mandate and tells its members their job description on day one. Why should you be wasting your time going to a church that does not know its mandate to seek and save the lost and teach her members how to seek and save the lost. Yeshua knew that he came to seek and save the lost and that is what he did all day and every day and taught his disciple to do the same. Should you not be doing the same? 70% Christians do not have any meaningful contact with non-Christians and the remaining do not share their faith even with their best friends. On an average, barely 2% of any congregations are evangelicals. Then how do we reach the ends of the earth as his witnesses when we do not witness even in our neighborhoods and workplaces? (Acts 1:8) Do not send theologians with academic tags as missionaries who do not have the tools in their tool belts to convict and convince and make disciples of peoples of other faiths. God is not looking for aquarium keepers (Pastors) of pretty and colorful but non-productive Sunday fish, but He is looking for fishermen that go out daily to catch the fish lost in the whirlpools of the world. Church is the launching pad for reaching the ends of the earth.
By the time a Jew came to worship God in the temple, he had already used his tithe to feed the fatherless and widows, clothe the naked and provide justice to the oppressed, lest God reject his sacrifice. Yeshua took worship to higher level by making it relational by asking them, “Go back and mend broken relationships before offering sacrifice”. It is not the content of the sermon but its practical application that creates the movement. Just like fishing, discipling is a skill. If you do not use it, you lose it. Yeshua said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Being a follower of Christ (faithful member of a church) is not enough; for that is just the beginning of your spiritual journey; you must aim to graduate as a prolific fisher of men.
If your pastor is not striving to convert you into a competent fisher of men then go and find coaches with fruitful ministries to implant DNA of rapid multiplication in the infertile Bride to maximize her fertility rate. A healthy mature female (Bride) implies that she is ready to have babies. Rebecca, the Bride of Isaac, was blessed by her family to have myriads (tens of thousands) of children. The Bride of Christ must not be barren but stretch her tent to the left and to the right, to the north and to the south, reproduce millions of mini-brides and fill the earth until there be no human habitation left where Christ is not named. Remember the Bible begins and ends with a wedding. Titus 1:5-9; Matt. 4:19; 5:23,24; Gen. 24:60; Isa. 54:1-5; 58:6,7
10.   Empower women – The Lord designed His church to be gender-neutral where men and women are equal members of His Body. He ministered to women who were off limits. Mary of Magdala, a redeemed sinner, was the first apostle (sent one) to the apostles. Priscilla, Phoebe, Lydia, Apphia, Nympha and host of other women were apostles, prophets, teachers and house church facilitators. Paul never asked women (gune) to keep their mouths shut, he only asked wives (gune) not to embarrass their husbands (aner) in public but to ask them questions at home. He encouraged everyone, men and women to share psalms, teachings, revelations, testimonies and prophesy.” Paul instructed Timothy, “what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” Here Paul instructs faithful men (anthropos= both men and women) to teach others. (2Timothy 2:2)
 Yeshua’s blood removes the curse of Eve. Paul did not ask women to cover their head with a piece of cloth, but with hair. As a Jewish man, Paul covered his head with kippah (cap) all the time and wore a talit (prayer shawl) while praying. Even today, for orthodox Jewish women covering their heads with Prayer shawl in public is a criminal offence. Paul is not talking about a piece of cloth but hair. He simply asked men not to have long hair and women not to have shaved head (sign of temple prostitutes), but both women and men to have Christ as their covering. He was not setting a tradition because God does not look at the length of hair but at the heart.
God formed the man from dead dust (Hebrew yatser=mould like a pot) to be filled with one purpose at a time but fashioned the woman (Hebrew banah=build) from a living rib, to be a builder of relationships. Women are the custodians of faith in any culture. One woman can reach many and many women can reach everyone. Not empowering women to make disciples, baptize and serve the Lord’s Supper, would diminish her role as a helpmeet to her real spouse (Yeshua) and disenfranchise the most productive part of the evangelistic workforce of the church. 1 Cor. 12:12; Gal. 3:27-29; 1Cor. 7:25; 11: 15,16; 14:34,35; Genesis 2:22
Drive the change- Start with your family. Your real marriage is to the Lord. The husband-wife-children relationship is just an earthly model to see how you make it work. If you can’t make it work, you may not be invited to the wedding banquet of the Lamb. Sons and daughters - honor your mother and father, if you want to live long. The Hebrew word kabad and the Greek word time’ for ‘honor’ means ‘making rich’ or even ‘money paid’. Providing for your aging parents’ ranks higher than paying Korban (Tithe) to your church. Tithing for church maintenance are neither a part of the Ten Commandments, nor a requirement in the New Testament but taking care of parents and the poor, widows, orphans, the disaffected, the marginalized and the hurting are the focus of the Scriptures because the church thrives in the broken world where people sincerely pray, “Give us this day our daily bread” and mean it. The church rapidly stagnates when it starts entertaining the rich.
While regular Christians seek the King without seeking the kingdom, the social activists seek the kingdom without the King. Both are deluded. The kingdom is wholistic, is here and now and advancing daily, and presumably only those who are advancing it will have their names written in the Book of Lamb, a mandatory requirement for obtaining a passport for entering the Kingdom. The business of the church is to wipe away tears until there be no poor in the kingdom, not by just providing “soup kitchens” or declaring a “war on poverty program” or by handing out candies, thus creating dependency but first do “resource mapping” of gifts, talents, skills and abilities that already exist in the community and then strategically invest in restoring dignity by identifying with them and empowering them to dislodge the oppressive systems that make them poor and powerless. This is possible only through the power of the gospel.  Eph. 5:25-33; Matt. 19:23,24; James 2:5; Deut. 6:5;7; 15:4; 2 Cor. 9:6,7; Luke 4:18; Col. 3:17; Rev.19:9; Psalm 14: 6; Exo. 20:12, Mal. 4:5,6
11.  Know your identity in Christ: Shun going to a church that does recognize you as a Royal Priest, made so by the blood of the Lamb. Look in the mirror first thing in the morning and say, “I am a Royal Priest” and then go out as an ambassador of Christ, the highest-ranking representative of the government of God, to bring people to repentance, baptize, disciple and plant the kingdom wherever God has placed you. Peter, Paul, Lydia and others went out every day first as Royal Priests and only secondarily as fishermen, tentmaker or seller of purple clothes. Dismantle ‘Reverend’ culture because only God is worthy of reverence; “Holy and reverend is his name” and breach the preacher-creature divide. Minimizing the Kingdom of God to “Sunday church” is hamartia (missing the mark), translated “sin” in English. What you do on Sunday in the church is man-made religion, not to be found in the pages of the Bible. What you do on weekdays to expand the Kingdom is worship. The secular (godless) Federal, State and City governments daily find out the problems in their domains and find urgent solutions to them. God ruled Israel through prophets but they asked for a king and there is long list of kings, beginning with Saul who messed it all up.
There is a long list of people who will not make it to the kingdom that includes; “But for the cowards, and unbelieving, and abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, their part shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone; which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8) Notice, it is not the brutal jihadist but the cowards that are leading the pack. If you are scared of witnessing – beware – you have been warned. “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes with the holy angels in his Father's glory.” (Mark 8:38) If you want to make it into the kingdom, then stop being polite and bashful, you must dare to live beyond caution, because for the lost, it is a matter of life and death. Evangelism is bringing people to faith, discipling is equipping them to be reproductive. You can bring a thousand people to faith but that will not make much of a dent but each disciple creating a downline of multi-generational disciples will get you to the finish line much quicker. 2Timothy 2:2
12.  The church is supposed to be the authentic Government of God, “…and the government shall be upon his shoulders...” with authority to reign on earth through her saints. She should be identifying current issues and finding practical and spiritual solutions to them on a daily basis. Unfortunately, all that the saints are doing is sitting and singing songs and listening to pep talks, once a week and throwing coins into the collection box for the entertainment. If you abdicate your authority, Satan will gladly fill in the gap. God chose you to be a colonizer, so you should be colonizing your domain. If Christians understood their identity and colonized their domains, “the Kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ.”
Like Melchizedek, the royal-priest of Jerusalem (City of Peace), who served bread and wine, took a tithe and blessed Abraham, bring godly governance to your city whose builder and maker is the Lord. Do not be deluded into thinking that you elect your President or Prime minister or your Mayor and other political leaders. Lucifer, the father of lies, does. He said so to Yeshua; “All these kingdoms have been given to me and I give it to whomsoever I like.” Why will he give it to anyone who will ravage his kingdom? To dethrone Lucifer, catch the vision of cloning and saturating the city with royal-priests with authority to bind the strongman; run with that vision and reign on earth.
Remember every royal priest is ordained (John 15:16) to offer sanctified lost people as mincha (bloodless sacrifice), baptize and break bread from house to house. This authority you receive on day one of your Christian journey. God is not looking for shepherds who just entertain his sheep once a week but entrepreneurs who go and “seek the sheep which are not of this fold,” and multiply his sheep daily. Be a game changer and be the change that you want to see changed. Eph. 6:20; 1 Pet.2:9; Rev.5:10; Hab.2:1-3; Isa. 9:6-7; Gen. 14:18; Hebrew 11:10; Luke 4:6,7; 22:19; Rom. 12:1; 15:16; 1Cor. 6:20; Psalm 111:9
13.  Paul’s passion was to catalyze a disciple making blitz in every city, where Christ had not been named, not just with rhetoric but with mighty signs and deeds. Ever since missiologist Ralph D. Winter’s catalytic speech on the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20, at the Lausanne Conference in 1974, and his interpretation of ta ethne as People Groups, a whole industry has spawned on research, training, mentoring, mobilizing and monitoring. However, we do not see this model in Yeshua’s or Peter or Paul’s ministries. Although, their ministries were inclusive, all we see is Yeshua and others recognizing only two People Groups, Jews and Goyim (Gentiles). Their main strategy was on going from village to village and from town to town to cover as much territory as possible. Yeshua told his disciples, “Let us go to other towns and cities, for that is why I have been sent.” (Mark 1:38; Luke 4:43) Even at his last moments on earth at the ascension on the Mount of Olives, his very last command to 500 saints, “You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ‘ends of the earth,’” (Acts 1:8) This does not sound like a People Group approach but a very Geographical approach.
 Churches, missions, grant-makers and individuals should be adopting streets, neighborhoods, villages, cities and region, if we are ever the reach the finish line. For a start, defining and monitoring People Groups and Movements can be very difficult and confusing compared to monitoring the number of villages reached. Without abandoning the People Group approach, there needs to be an intentional shift to Geographical approach. There are 638,000 villages in India and around 2.5 million villages, worldwide, majority of them still waiting to have a House of Prayer for all nations. We need to plant a beach-head in every human habitation by raising Persons of Peace and then encouraging them to reach every nation, tongue and tribe in their domain. His end-vision was to declare that there be no place left where Messiah has not been named.
Become relational and an obedient practitioner of your faith and go fishing for two-legged fish. You have a choice to swim alone and drown or swim together, not only to survive but to thrive. Focus on catalyzing a rapid disciple-making and planting bet tafilati (Houses of prayer) in every human habitation but do not try to build churches because there is only one church for the whole wide world and building that church is His job. He said, “I will build my kehilah (Ekklesia i.e. called out).” The root word kirke for church is the same as for circus, a place of entertainment. Kirke (Cerce) a goddess, whose sense of humour included turning men into wild beasts, hence the circus includes wild animals and jokers. Kirke is derived from the Greek verb kirkoĆ“ meaning "to secure with rings" or "hoop around"--a reference to bondage to sorcery and magic. The first time the word qahal (Ekklesia= summoned group) was used when Israel was summoned at the Mount Sinai to make a covenant with God. Deut. 18:16.  
First catch the fish and then clean it (repent and baptize) up. Christianity has no walls and no borders. The world is rapidly reaching its tipping point and ready for implosion. Armed with maps, stats, city metrics and the Great Commission, go 2x2 treasure hunting, find “a person of peace”, heal the sick, cast out demons and then teach them the divine arithmetic of discipling at least one soul every month, and very soon, you will have thousands of souls in your savings account. Not doing so can result in a mysterious hand appearing and writing on the wall, “Mene, mene, tekel ufarsin”; you have been weighed on the balance and found wanting. Your kingdom has been taken away from you.” John 14:12; 2Tim 2:3:5; Rom. 15:19,20; 1 Cor. 2:4; Matt. 16:18; 23:10; Acts 16:5; Luke 10:1-9; Isa. 60:22; Phil.4:17; Daniel 5:25-28
Most church going Christians are deluded into thinking that they are believers. Most Christians will fail the “believer’s test” because – “These signs shall follow a believer; he shall cast out demons…and pray for the sick and they will be healed.” Even a believer will not make it to heaven, if he just says Lord, Lord or prophesies and casts out demons, if he fails to disciple the delivered. A priest when he offered incense at the golden altar in the Holy Place was acutely aware that the ingredients came from many nations, so in effect he was a priest to the nations. Secular work done with spiritual motive is spiritual while spiritual work done with financial motive is carnal. Elohim chose Israel to be priests to the nations but they failed. Similarly, Yeshua did not choose you to be just a member of the church, but to be a priest to the nations.
Remember the sin of Sodom was not sodomy, that was the end result. “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she take care of the poor and needy.” (Ezekiel 16:49) The church should not be debating sexual (dys)-orientation and same-sex marriages because she herself stands indicted for arrogance (We are biblical, the biggest and the best), gluttony (look at the sheer number of obese people in the church), non-performance (not one disciple made in a lifetime) and despising the poor and the needy (rampant). All these sins committed by the church has resulted in the LGBT lobby running the government, the media and the judiciary. Unlike vagina, the rectal mucosa (lining) is thin, allowing easy transmission of HIV, AIDS and STD. The dirty, smelly shitbag was designed for excreting faeces and flatus and not for sex. Ten righteous people could have saved the sin sick cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Your city will suffer the same fate, unless you act real quick, otherwise God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for what he did to them.
Unglue from the pews all those fat butts who sit, soak and stagnate, for the Lord is crying out, “Let my people go” and send them as righteous people to heal the sick, raise the dead, tread on snakes and scorpions (expel demons), bind the ‘strongman’, plunder his possessions, demolish the gates of Hell, and advance the kingdom. By the way demons do not live in stone idols but colonize minds and ravage people’s world views. Do not depend on horses and chariots (dollars) but in the power of Yeshua Messiah, put on the whole armor of God and doggedly pursue demon demolition drive and dethrone the territorial spirits by adopting streets, colonies and blocks for prayer walking. Cleanse your city and graduate into an apostle, “Truly the signs of an apostle … in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.” Carry on until, “The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our Lord and His Messiah.” Not doing so can land you in the dog house. Mark 16:17,18; 2 Cor. 13:5; Matt.7:21-23; 11:12;12:29;16:18-19; Luke 10:19; John 15:8; 2 Cor. 12:12; 1 Cor. 10:19,20; 2Cor. 4:4; Rev.11:15; 1John 3:8
14.  Yeshua was anti-establishment: If nothing else, one must get this one thing right. Yeshua came to reveal the truth to set men free from the bondage of religion. He spent his childhood out in the sun and serpent worshipping Egypt. He grew up in the Galilee of the Gentiles (Matthew 4:15). He got mikved (baptized) outside the religious Judea, beyond Jordan at Bethabara (John 1:28). He broke the Jewish religious taboo to minister to Samaritans and the pig worshipping Gadarenes of Decapolis, cursed the Jewish fig tree with only leaves but no fruit, deliberately broke many man-made Rabbinical takanots (edicts) that conflicted with the Torah, bad-mouthed the gender-bender, people exploiting religious leaders in the harshest language.
He rejected the religious elites and chose “no bodies” as his disciples, imparted practical skills to them out in homes, street corners and the market place, by-passing the knowledge-based scholarly Madrassas, and sent them to preach the kingdom by eating, “whatever is laid before you” kosher or non-kosher. He cleansed the Temple which had become a market place and declared it to be a house of prayer for all nations that included Gentiles. Giving the final blow to the Jews, ending centuries of their hegemony over religion, he announced, “The kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to the Gentiles bringing fruits thereof.” (Matt. 21:43) Note that, the Kingdom is not given to all the Christians of Gentile origin but only to those bringing forth fruit.
15.  Replace Reverend culture with Royal priesthood culture: He preached and practiced spirituality to destruct the stranglehold of religion by revealing the truth and thus resurrect the dead religious organization into a living organism. Missions is too important to be left to extra-biblical bureaucrats with cosmetic titles like President, CEO, VP, Secretary and other non-performers, who sit in cozy offices and control those who work in the field. Leadership is about influencing and not controlling. Replace “Reverend culture” with five-fold ministry-gifted Elders of either gender, like Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers. The primary function of the church is to equip the saints, stagnating on the pews, to be work-place ministers. Eph.4:11,12
Stop praying selfish shopping list prayers. God showed Moses how to pray in the temple. First techinnah (supplications, while offering the sacrifice at the brazen altar); second tefillah (prayer of self-examination while washing hands and feet at the laver); third – bakkashot (intercession for the nations while offering incense at the Golden altar in the Holy Place; and fourth – Hodayah offering thanks to God for accepting their offering. Offering sacrifice was central to prayer without which it would be “strange prayer” and therefore not acceptable. 1Timothy 2:1-4
There are four types of sacrifice mentioned in the Scriptures. In the OT they daily offered animal sacrifice for their redemption. (Exodus 29:42) Second is Yeshua as full and final sacrifice for the redemption of the world (Hebrews 10:10). Third sacrifice is offering your bodies as reasonable worship (Romans 12:1,2) and finally offering Gentiles as ministers of Yeshua. (Romans 15:16; James 5:20). The first two are blood sacrifices because without the shedding of blood there could be no redemption. The last two are for us to offer mincha – bloodless sacrifice. Sacrifice continues to be central to our faith because God said to Solomon, “My house shall be called Beth Zebach, a house of sacrifice.” The only difference is that while in the OT they offered our legged dead animals, in the NT we offer two-legged living repentant souls. The other difference is that in OT they could offer them only in the Temple while in the NT we can offer them anywhere, even in a Gentile homes. Malachi 1:11
The NT royal priest offers lost sheep as sacrifice and then offers all these prayers for them. First of all we offer prayers for kings and those in authority and then for atheists, agnostics, polytheists and skeptics to be transformed by the power of the Gospel; washed (baptized), sanctified (separated), justified (made righteous) and sent to do the same to other godless pagans. If the church followed this pattern, shown to Moses on the Mount Sinai, Kingdom advance would go ballistic. Anything less would be strange fire, that mimics the genuine, but is fake.
Many intercessors suffer from “yell and tell syndrome” but will not take one step to seek and save a lost person. Prayer cells, prayer towers and prayer fests in isolation will not produce any fruit; they must network and bring convergence with apostolic ministries to bring forth lasting fruit. True intercession is going out weeping with seed and coming back rejoicing with sheaves. Although men got the credit, over 85 percent of churches today have been planted by simple women. Making disciples and planting organic churches requires multiple skills and women are multi-tasking superstars. Lack of understanding by the Pastors that they are to pastor the whole city through their congregations, is destroying the cities. True Pastoring is pasturing the sheep everyday in the pasture-land (the world) to eat, mate and multiply. Healthy feeding and leading will keep the flock fat and fertile and build bridges with the “other sheep which are not of this fold so that there will be one Shepherd and one flock.” Not doing so can land you, your congregation and your city into an ash heap of wood, hay and stubble. Tit.1:5-9; Ps. 126:5,6; John 10:16; 1 Cor. 3:12-15
16.  Not the Mega but the meta church is the real deal:For it is not by might nor by power but by My spirit says the Lord therefore, do not despise the day of the humble beginnings” (Zechariah 4:6,10) for it is the meta (beyond) churches that are changing the spiritual profile of the nations. The meek are the inheritors of the kingdom and so endeavor to partner with them so that you may be found worthy to spend an eternity with them. The profit oriented mega-stars are focused on “revival and churching the un-churched,” not to be found in the pages of the Scriptures. Despite mass marketing, mega crowds and mega claims, they make little dent in the global religious demographics. In the last couple of decades, thousands of unknown and unsung, story tellers belonging to the oral tradition grassroots level workers, who are focused on holistic transformation have emerged as global players in changing the spiritual profile of the globe, especially the 10/40 Window countries.
Peter had the first mega church in history in Jerusalem with myriads (Greek for tens of thousands) who were unfortunately “zealous for the Law” (Acts 21:20) instead of being zealous for the Lord and to his command to go and make disciples. Not surprisingly the Jewish church withered as Peter completely failed to turn them into disciples. No names are mentioned in his letters.  On the other hand, Paul raised up local leadership wherever he went and mentioned them by name in his letters. We are here today because of Paul’s Gentile ministry which has kept raising generations of disciple-makers. Warning - Your church will also wither if you only make “members zealous for the church” but not reproducing disciple-makers.
It is the shift from the religious superstars to the common man/woman for, “God has chosen the foolish of this world to shame the wise”, as the real drivers of the kingdom at the fringes. Like their Master, they are not using mere words but launching out miraculous movements and declaring the kingdom, “Go and show John, the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the dead are raised and the gospel is being preached to the poor.” To reach the ends of the earth, maximize every cell church, Sunday school, bible school, prayer cell, youth and women’s fellowships, cottage meeting and indeed every Christian household into full-fledged, authentic harvest reaping hubs. Viralize “reproducing disciple-maker’s movement” by encouraging and empowering everyone, men, women and youth, to baptize, break bread, equip and send apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers to turn upside down, the spiritual landscape of their cities. It is not to the mega-churches but to the little meta (beyond) gatherings that Yeshua promised, “Fear not little ones for it has pleased the Father to give you the Kingdom.Luke 12:32; 1Cor.16:19; Luke 7:22-23; Acts 4:13;19:8-12; 1 Cor. 1:26-30; Rev.3:2,5; Gal.1:8-11; Exo. 25:9; Jer. 29:7.
17. Filter out non-performing goats that come only for hatching (baby baptisms), matching (weddings) and dispatching (funerals). Replace them with sheep that reproduce by taking care of the hungry, thirsty, naked, strangers, sick and prisoners. Culling i.e. getting rid of the non-productive sheep and donating them as free gift to the nearest Pentecostal church, will greatly improve your standing in the local Pastor’s Fellowship. Pastors are not the solution, they are part of the problem, because despite unprecedented opportunities and plentiful resources and one pastor for every 250 people in the USA, the institutional church is heading for the dustbin of history. One billionaire remarked, “I am not a smart guy, but I am smart enough to surround myself with smart guys, who have made me a billionaire.” To be effective, finding effective partners, such as Apostles, Prophets and Teachers is crucial. Culling is an integral dynamic of the ‘best practices’ of sheep rearing, so that the shepherd does not waste his time and resources on the barren sheep but feed and take care of the most productive ones in the green pastures. Scripture is full of examples of culling; good fish from bad fish, prepared virgins from unprepared virgins, wheat from tares, two women grinding corn, sheep from goats and finally rapture of the obedient remnant from the non-obedient workers of anomia (iniquity) meaning those did not obey the instructions; “If you love me you will obey  my commands.” . Matt. 7:23S; John 14”15,23
Scripture tells us that a man shall be known (judged) by his fruit. Yeshua guarantees that if you truly abide in him, you will bear fruit. If you do not have fruit (saved souls) in your bag then it does not matter how religious you are, you are not truly attached to Yeshua (Yahve saves). There are four kinds of branches attached to Yeshua, the true vine. The branch that does no bear fruit is to be culled (cut off) and thrown into fire (Hell). The second branch that has some fruit is to be pruned off from its worldly and religious bondages so that it can bear more fruit. The third branch has abundant fruit but some are rotten. They go in one end of the revolving door and come out the other end without bearing any fruit. The fourth branch that the Lord likes most are the ones that produce fruit – that keeps reproducing. Matt. 7:16-20; John 15:1-8;15
God chose David to shepherd Israel, not because of his academic tags or for his hunting skills, not even for his musical talents, but because he was skillful in taking care of the most productive segment of his flock, “the ewes great with young”. Now God is pouring out His spirit on all flesh (that includes you); both men and women, young and old, Jews and Gentiles to edify and multiply His church. Not church splitting but church multiplication, not empire building but kingdom building must become our war-cry. As the dominance and the power of the clergy diminishes and the effectiveness of the empowered believers increases, the kingdom goes ballistic. Not the politicians but it is the responsibility of the church to establish godly governance with kingdom values of peace, justice, security, and abundance for all. The reward is eternity and co-rulership with Christ. Even though we live in a temporal world, in Christ, we live and move and have our being with eternal perspective and hope and our eternal life starts now.
Yeshua came not come to rebuild the grand Temple of Solomon but to rebuild the fallen Tent of David. The architecture of an organic “household of God” is radically different from an organized church. It’s structure and her functional dynamics are entirely different. Imposing man-made supra-structures over God’s pattern, like the Pharisees, who had planted themselves as custodians of the synagogues to control, manipulate and intimidate ordinary folk, were told by Yeshua that, “What God has not planted will be uprooted.” Pharisees (separated ones) and the synagogues did not exist in the OT, as they were never part of God’s plan. Modern church and its guardians, if they persist in practicing unbiblical methods of doing church and worship are equally in danger of being uprooted and have their names blotted out from the eternal Book of the Lamb. Eph. 2:19; Matt. 15:13; 25:31-46; Psa. 78:70-72; Isa 40:11; Acts 2:17,18; 17:28; Leviticus 10:1
18.  Simplify disciple making. Yeshua clearly declared that, “No one can come to Me unless the Father… draws him…” (John 6:44) The Greek word translated “draw” is helkuo, literally means “to drag.” Not your scholarship, any special technique or ability or screaming your head off at the crusades and conventions, but creating situations for broken and contrite hearts to have an encounter with God, like providing simple hospitality that will allow Him to drag unwilling sinners into the kingdom. Invite a couple of truth-seekers for a meal where the main dish is - The Lamb. Redefine authentic church as “the household of God” with a mission; wherever two or three, eat, meet, gossip the gospel, and multiply. There is no better cost-effective strategy than a triplet church, because it has all the power in heaven and earth for discipling the nations. Because Yeshua himself is present, it is simple, authentic and complete church and you do not need anything else to be a church. (Matthew 18:18-20)
Like Paul try reasoning first, if that does not work, then try persuading and if that fails, try disputing and when push comes to shove, perform a notable miracle that they cannot deny. The primary business of the church is to coordinate between heaven and earth. By the way, no one is going to heaven because the pearly gates with streets of gold and glittering mansions, is coming down to earth and God will tabernacle with men. “As in Adam all die.” So, when Yeshua comes, all the dead will rise, some to eternal shame and others to eternity with Christ. So if you want to sit and eat with Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and the apostles, better get moving to reserve your seat at the banquet table.
We live in a polluted world. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat are all polluted with chemicals. Nothing is kosher; the vegetables, the fruit, the grains, meat and chicken, they are all genetically manipulated and hybridized. Even the basic bread that we eat is not made from the original wheat with 14 chromosomes but the hybrid variety that has 42 chromosomes. However, it is not just the food but the moral and spiritual freefall that indicate dark trajectories that the “count-down” has begun and this event is imminent, hence it is not enough just to sit and pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth” but take steps to make the kingdom a reality
You will not be eligible for a mansion unless you make down payment here and now by taking your butt off the pews and go and “fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord is the waters cover the sea.” Do some quick diagnostics and you will find that communication is no longer a one-way traffic? Internet, social media, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Skype and Smart phones are radically changing the world. It is not just surfing the net but fruitfully engaging the lost netizens. This requires not just being techie geeks but discipling dexterity because God does not read e-mails but only knee-mails. He is now preparing a new generation with vision to drive the change, to restore the Bride which has become fat, flatulent and grossly disfigured by centuries of extra-biblical additions and accretions, into the original Bride without spots, wrinkles and blemishes. It is no longer just managing the youth but productively engaging them in multi-way conversation between the generations. If you don’t mentor your spiritual descendants, atheists, Islamists, Yoga gurus and pornography are already polluting their minds. Acts 2:42-47; 4:16; 18:4; 19:8-12; Eph. 1:9,10; Matt. 6:10; 18:18-20; Rev. 21:3; John 14:2,3; 1Thess. 16,17; Hab. 2:14; Eze. 9:21
19.   Re-baptize seminaries: For they are like the Indian holy cows, with neither milk in the udder nor beef on the hoof. There are fundamental differences between the objectives and methodologies between man-made seminaries and the Bible based trainings. In the OT there were no seminaries to train pastors, only a School of Prophets because God ruled Israel through prophets and not through pastors. All the teaching was done informally by the parents while the children were sitting, lying or playing (Deut. 6:1-9) but formally on the dining tables on the Sabbath. In the NT Jesus and Paul trained Practitioners out in the field with discipling skills to turn the world upside down and not orators trained in the classrooms with skills to empty the pockets of the listeners, inside out.
The Corinthian church gathered for open discussion (1Cor. 14:24-32) while Bereans conducted discovery Bible study (Acts 17:11) but in both instances, the result was, new believers being added. Obviously, these were not just academic exercises but non-believers were active participants. The most fundamental difference is that while seminaries give worthless paper degrees, worthless because they do not impart skills to disciple the nations and thus no help in having your name written in the Book of the Lamb while Yeshua gave power-packed Keys of the Kingdom to his disciples to, shut the doors of Hades and open the doors of heaven to the lost individuals and the nations. (Matt. 16:19)
Shift from training aquarium keepers to equipping fishers of men. The fishers of men must have at least three-way competences – 1. They must know the Scriptures and be obedient to it; 2. They must know how to confidentially defend their faith against those who oppose by learning culture specific apologetics from their texts (Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist etc.) and 3. Entrepreneurial skills to kick start self-supporting income generation business to avoid dependency on the congregation as milk cow. In other words, your product should be spiritually vibrant, culturally relevant and professionally successful tent-makers. Currently the Seminaries are The Great Omission centers and need to be re-anointed as The Great Commission training centers. Africans trained in western New Age theology are as irrelevant as Indians trained out of Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist context. They need to put on their ethnic garb, rather than the western colonial dog-collar and serve the Gospel in ethnic platter. Less than this would not incorporate new believers into a household of God rather it would make them strangers and foreigners in their own land. (Ephesians 2:19)
Be the Tree of life, wherever you are planted, and bring forth abundant fruit every season, even your leaves should be for the healing of the nations. Share the whole wisdom of God from house to house, and set up an unstoppable momentum of multi-generational discipleship chain. Even if they have Ph.Ds, all communists, evolutionists and atheists are damn fools (Nabal=willful rebel) and treat them as such because the Scripture says, “A fool has said in his heart that there is no God.” (Psalm 14:1) Using pseudo-science; they aggressively preach doctrines of demons in our educational campuses, seducing the young minds and turning them into atheists, agnostics, deists, evolutionists that minimize and publicly vilify Christ.
Christians in general and students in particular are dead ducks, if they are not trained early in apologetics to defend their faith in a hostile world, “Always be ready to give a reason in defense (apologetics) of hope that is in you to everyone who asks.” Be they delinquent Christians or defiant devotees of other faiths, sound doctrine is not cerebral sermons from the pulpit, but the ability to convince, convict, convert and bring the recalcitrant to repentance, dunk them and turn them on their old buddy’s, cronies and comrades. Most Christians who say Lord, Lord on Sunday are phony because they continue with their pursuit of the lusts of flesh the rest of the week. They have never come out of darkness into His marvelous light and become a light to the gentiles who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.
A stable church remains economically stable, sustainable but barren, while more the urban chaos, deviant behavior, filthy and fluid the situation, the better the chances of new churches germinating from the quag-mire. A Triplet-church, “where two or three are gathered in My name” is the most cost effective strategy for reaching the ends of the earth by saving one household at a time. God is not looking for transformed brains but transformed hearts. The lost of this world do not need scholars who deliver watered down lukewarm, man pleasing sermons as much as they need spiritual fathers and mothers “who birth many spiritual children to glory” with ability to possess the gates (cities) of the enemy. Titus 1:9; 1 Peter 3:15; 1 Cor. 4:15; 14:24, 25; Mark 16:20; Acts 20:20, 27; Psalm 14:1; 1 Tim. 4:1,2; 2 Tim. 2:2; Heb 2:10; Rev. 22:1-3; Gen. 22:17,18
20.  God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to ‘work’ and to guard it. Significantly the Hebrew word Avodah for ‘work’ can also be translated ‘worship.’ Adam was to worship God through his work in the garden while guarding it from demonic attack. God took an accountability walk every evening to see how Adam was doing. Sadly, Adam disobeyed and climbed up the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, fell down and fractured his relational equation with Father God. He died instantly but was buried 930 years later. Paul, Aquila and Pricilla, Cornelius, the Jailor, Lydia, Phoebe and many others while continuing to work in their professions and business, also transformed their workplaces. The Lord commanded us to pray for laborers until we become part of our prayer. Persistent and ceaseless prayer will not work unless accompanied with persistent and ceaseless offering of lost sheep.
The church needs to shift from the policy of containment to the practice of being aggressively interventionist. Do not just start Bible study and prayer cells but focus on setting up a discipleship chain to qualify as a fruitful laborer in the kingdom. The Lord appointed the Gadarene demonic as the Bishop (overseer) of Decapolis (ten cities), as a witness among the very people who despised him. He did not start a Bible study group or a prayer cell but witnessed to pig worshipping pagans. Yeshua prefers obedience to fulltime but fruitless ministries. The same infallible and Holy God, in His wisdom has placed you, a redeemed fallible sinner, as a cat among the captive pigeons, not to eat them but to redeem them. Stop minimizing Christ as your personal savior, but magnify Him wherever you are, as the liberator of those in bondage and the savior of the world. Gen. 3:15; Luke 8:26-39; 10:2; 4:18; 2Tim. 2:2; Acts 19: 8-12; Rev. 21:8
21.  Remove the chapel, the chaplain, the pulpit, the collection box and the Sunday service and the church will still be there because you are the walking and talking mobile temple of the living God. Reorient your personal paradigm. Recognize ‘Hi, Hello,’ happy clappy Sunday Service, where they serve sugar coated cyanide, as your ‘secondary, optional church’. Your business, workplace or home, wherever you spend most of your time, is your ‘Primary nuclear church’. It matters little whether you are the CEO, or the janitor or the kitchen queen; you are a full-time work-place minister and accountable. The ancient worshipper did not just listen to the minister and sing a few songs. He was actively involved in worship. He slaughtered and dismembered the sacrifice with his own hands and then watched it go up in holy smoke (Burnt offering - Olah meaning ascending). Offering your bodies and mind as olah is the most reasonable form of worship. Anything else is all shadows and no substance.
There are as many expressions of the church as there are believers (temples of the living God), as each one has different giftings. Not even a house church fits all size because Church is about Him and not us. The traditional church is neither the sole guardian of the revealed Word nor the provider of salvation to the lost. Step out of your convivial zone as the party is likely to be over sooner than you think. Only those whose cup runneth over can drink from the saucer. Salvation is free but discipleship is costly. Salvation restores your relationship with the Father but discipleship restores you in the image of God because there is no blessing greater than being a blessing to others. Salvation is not enough, for you are saved to save others. The Christ in you must compel you with compassion to seek and save the lost, lest you turn out to be deaf, dumb, immobile and flawed temple of the living God for, “It is appointed for men to die once and then the judgment.” Rom. 12:1,2; Eph. 2:8; 3:6; Luke 15:7,10; Luke 14:23; James 5:20; Heb. 9:27
22.   Offer Mincha and then Pray. God said, “My house shall be a house of sacrifice and I will meet and speak with you at the altar where continuous sacrifice is made.” Jews prayed after offering sacrifices. Yeshua said, “My house is a house of prayer for all nations” which means “all nations” will come there to be prayed for healing and deliverance and then discipled all the way into the Kingdom. In the NT we are to offer saved souls as lasting fruit as our sacrifice of thanks giving and then pray, “I have been chosen and ordained to bring forth lasting fruit and (then) the Father will do whatever I ask.” Fruit is the ovary of a plant, full of seeds to be disseminated. The tasty bit is only to attract you to spread the seeds. Your lasting fruits are those seeds which produce fruit elsewhere. Paul’s ministry was to offer Gentiles as mincha (bloodless offering).
Building tall prayer tower does not bring you any closer to God as he is not deaf. It minimizes the Christ in you, the hope of glory of the Gentiles. Yeshua taught his disciples, “When you bring your offering (doron=sacrifice) to the altar…and when you stand praying.” Saying sorry to God is not repentance; like the tax collector, you must recompense. Fasting and prayer alone are not acceptable to God unless accompanied with “Unloosing the chains of wickedness, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke.” Then God will answer, “Here I am.” Offering sanctified sinners glorifies God. Be the altar of sacrifice for the lost wherever you are, lest you end up as barbecued burnt offering like Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron. 2Chron. 7:12; Exo. 29:42; John 15:16; Luke 18:1; 19:1-10; 1Cor. 3:16; Rom. 15:16; Col. 1:26,27; Isa. 58:1-10; Matt. 5:23; Mark 11:25; 1 Tim. 2:8; Isa.  6:1; 1Pet. 2:5; Lev. 10:1
23.  Most good missionaries practice bad missiology because they naively export dysfunctional Christianity, heavily preloaded with money, knowledge, power and superiority complex based church culture and traditions which they impose on others but utterly lacking in the supernatural. But God specializes in the supernatural. They must delete all that is western church cultural baggage and bells and smells of Eastern Orthodox churches, instead revive, regenerate and fertilize all that is of virtue and noble and good. Do no violence to their food habits, dress code and do not vilify their culture and worship style, just because they are different. Do not hurriedly church a new believer into an institutional church, where he will be lectured to but not discipled. If children go to school without doing their homework, they are punished; why should you go to church on Sunday without doing any house church during the week.
Yeshua did not call us to be church-goers but cross-bearers and disciple-makers. Because of lack of instruction in the Sunday church, 99 percent Christians are clueless, on how to share their faith even with their best friends. And by some fluke if they lead someone to Christ, then they commit worse sin by making him a church-goer rather than a disciple-maker. Simply because they themselves have never been instructed. And how will the parents instruct their children if they are not instructed in the church. Fathers – you are the priests of the family, improve your relationship score with your children, lest the Lord smite the earth with a curse.
Just like a snake charmer teaches his young children to catch snakes from early childhood, pass on the DNA of rapid multiplication and create a family culture of making many disciples, while they are still young. Find a coach loaded with lasting fruit, to take you out for practice sessions in the harvest field. Paul shaved his head, circumcised Timothy, offered sacrifice, advocated eating meat offered to idols, visited heathen temples, contextualized their pagan books and used it to disciple Athenians. He did all these weird things to save as many weird people as he could. Acts 16:3,4; 17:17-28; 18:18; 21:20-25; 1Cor. 10:25; Phil. 4:8; 1Tim 4:3-5
24. Are you Rapture ready? Do not wait ‘till death do us part’, rather do whatever it takes to precipitate Rapture by bringing Christ back on earth in your own generation. Re-set your priorities to preach Christ where He has not been named including your workplace, home or neighborhood. Do not light candles in the chapel but be the candle that kindles the lives of those who sit in darkness and in the shadow death. For this you do not have to go to church from Sunday to Sunday nor work from paycheck to paycheck. Most people are so busy worshipping Mammon, the god of Debit and Credit cards, that they have no time to go fishing to catch two-legged fish. You are chosen and “ordained” to be a harvester and blessed to possess the gates of the enemy.
The only hands-on skill the church imparts is how to drop your coin in the collection box but what it really needs to impart is how to skillfully wield a sickle in the harvest field. How do you see the crowds - nuisance, stressful or as cash cows? Yeshua saw the crowds as harvest fields and commanded us, “Lift up your eyes and see the fields, for they are white for harvest – already!” The harvest has been ready and waiting for the last 2000 years. If you do not go and reap the harvest, it does not matter to Yeshua, the King with the Crown, but to your peril, he is coming back as harvester with a laser sharp sickle in his hand. But if you want your crown, then your first priority is to learn to effectively wield the sickle for, “Multitudes, multitudes are in the valley of decision! For the day of Jehovah is at hand. Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down.” The angels will be rejoicing and clapping their hands in heaven even as you begin reaping the harvest, for they are the ones who will be gathering the harvest from the four corners of the earth. 1Cor. 15:52; Matt. 4:16; 6:33; 9:37,38; Gen. 22:17,18; Luke 11:33; 15:7,10; John 4:35; 15:16; Rev. 14:13-15; Joel 3:13,14; Matt. 24:31
25.  Adopt a ‘completion mindset’. Yeshua completed his ministry in seventy weeks and not as Bishop Eusebius (325 CE) concocted, in three and a half years, which most Christians hold without a shred of biblical or any other evidence. Daniel clearly prophesied, Seventy weeks are decreed upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most holy.” (Daniel 9:24) It does not stand to logic that he would be eating three Passovers lambs before himself becoming the Passover Lamb. 490 days were enough to accomplish whatever he came to do. His ministry lasted from the day He was baptized in the river Jordan with water and the Holy Spirit to the Day of the Pentecost, when the church was birthed with three thousand baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. In John 17:4 in his high priestly prayer, Yeshua claimed, “…I have finished the task which You have given Me to do.”
Evaluate your ministry by the Great Commission as your mandate, with the numbers of disciples made, baptized, equipped and sent out as the benchmark. This authority and responsibility you receive when you receive Christ and should be put into practice from day one. Like our Lord, focus on a few strategic people to reach many. Aim to become a millionaire of souls. And why not? After all, you believe in a great and awesome God for whom nothing is impossible. At the very least, like Peter, shoot for 3000 baptisms every Pentecost. Or like Paul, plant a multiplying micro-church every day, till you can claim, “There are no more places left here for me to preach.’  The minimum standard to qualify as a follower of Yeshua is, that like your Master, equip twelve disciples who can turn their world upside, wherever they are placed. God of Israel lived in a tent house (tabernacle) for 400 years to stay connected with his people. If you are not impacting your area of influence, then you are disconnected with God for He has placed you there to write Acts 29.
Do not waste time and resources on celebrating non-biblical pagan festivals like Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. Yeshua was not born on 25th December, nor was he crucified on a Friday while Easter is named after pagan goddess Ishtar. Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord. They are not Jewish Feasts but the Feasts of the Lord because God said, “They are My Feasts,” like the Feast of Tabernacle when Yeshua was born in a Sukkah (tabernacle.) The Passover when he was crucified on a Thursday, otherwise the mandatory three days and three nights of Jonah code will not be fulfilled. First Fruits because that is when he was resurrected. Celebrate the Pentecost with 3000 baptisms, because that is the church’s birthday. All these Spring Feasts have been meticulously fulfilled. Also celebrate the Fall Feasts that are yet to be fulfilled. The Feast of Trumpets when the Rapture is likely to take place. The next is the Day of Atonement – the last chance to repent before Yeshua returns on the Feast of Tabernacle for his millennial reign on earth. You will never understand properly what Yeshua did, and why he did, and when exactly he did them, unless you fully understand the significance of the Feasts of the Lord. (Leviticus 23; Jonah 1:17 and Luke 11:29)
Do not watch the world go by, but resonate with the will of God, which is that none should perish, reach out and make a difference. When the King comes, he will not go to a traditional mainline church because there will be nothing to eat there. He will knock on the door of a house-church and have supper with them. Having your name written in the church’s membership register is no ticket for entry into God’s Kingdom.  Make sure that your name is written in the Book of the Lamb. That will happen only when you shift from your comfort zone of being a hearer of the Word to a doer of His will, which is that all should come to the knowledge of truth and be saved. Why wait, plan on bringing Christ back on earth in your own generation. It is doable. Matt. 28:18-20; Joshua 13:1; Acts 2:41; 16:5; Rom. 15:19, 23; 2 Peter 3:9; James 1:22; 1Tim 2:4
Shalom and Shabbat.
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