Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Digital church

Many of today's internet churches are descendants of brick-and-mortar conventional churches, offering members the same menu at an alternative venue without challenging them to become a game changer. It is every believer's responsibility to find and provide connectivity to the lost. There are atheists, evolutionists, Muslims, Wiccans, and just plain silly people whom we must answer with love, information, and a pinch of humour. 

If you do not have your own site or discipling skills then you can always navigate them to the right site such as whoisjesus-really.com; www.godlife.com/look-to-jesus/new-life-from-the-holy-spirit; www.godlife.com/new-believers-guide/how-do-i-share. There are a whole of other sites which can be accessed just by typing "how to share your faith" to bring a lost person to faith and begin his journey with Jesus. Disciple making can no longer be relegated to church's backyard. All activities and programs of the church and committed Christians must be planned and directed to take Christ to the lost. For this, Web evangelists, internet ministers, teachers, mentors and disciple must be given culture specific training so that seekers can directly interact in real time. Proper equipping is important to avoid misuse and negative impact. So far the internet has been used for enriching the rich; it is time to use this very important tool for reaching the unreached.