Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Action pieces from Luke-Acts

*From Galen Currah .

What more do we have to learn? The methods that work best derive from the example of Jesus 
and the narrative of the Book of Acts? A biblical theology of Luke-Acts would lay out all the principles
and examples of best practices.

Eventual action pieces include the following:
  1. Let five-fold gifted folk lead new cells and churches.
  2. Plant interactive 'training' churches that continually launch cell groups.
  3. Promote active, gifted workers to leadership, as they prove their competence.
  4. Send only experienced leaders as church planters and consultants.
  5. Find experienced nationals who implement and eschew politics.
  6. Train these and their lieutenants in multiplicative methods.
  7. Train all believers in community outreach and in sharing the Good News.
  8. Quickly make disciples of seekers and believers within new cell groups.
  9. Start new cell groups from existing ones, especially within households.
  10. Appoint as leaders those who show ability to implement agreed plans.
  11. Ensure coaching to the third generation of every leader.
  12. Track outcomes, compile data, analyse results and report to leaders.
  13. Teach leaders in strategic vision, functional structures and action planning.
  14. Write and revise training materials as needed.
Adopt guiding principles that keep the action pieces alive. For examples:
  • Implement low-cost means and unfunded methods that prove effective.
  • Leverage God-given gifts before social status or personal merit or wealth.
  • Continually evaluate methods and rules in the light of Scripture, and make bold adjustments.
  • Aim to saturate regions, ethnic groups and social classes, leaving good works to others.
  • Pass on your best learning to others, freely.
  • Let the disobedient disobey whilst you empower the obedient.
  • Teach everyone to obey Scripture and to expect God to act in spite of opposition.
  • Make others successful by your loving supervision, giving credit where it is due.
  • Avoid teaching theological abstracts that foster conflict and rationalism.
  • Commend joyful, loving obedience to Christ over individual intelligence or experience.
Train others in these things and you will see many rise up and surpass us at every level.
To the glory of God, there are materials, guidebooks, web sites, seminars and consultants
that teach such things clearly from living experience.