Saturday, April 18, 2015

Christ-Centered Communities

Present Day C1 to C6 Spectrum of Churches 

C- 1

Western traditional model. Service conducted in foreign language. Leader outsider. Exclusive as it requires “specials” - special building, special music, special pulpit and a special collection box. Obeys denominational rules rather than obeying the commands of Jesus. No vision and strategy for the lost. Lacks reproductive DNA. Non-reproducible and fruitless. Acts 21:19-26, John 15:5

C- 2

Worship in the local language. Equally clueless as C1. Busy in church program and church politics. Knowledge based leader - trained as aquarium keeper rather than skills based “fisher of men”. Considers only himself “ordained” for ministry while others as “laymen”, thus denying that the blood of the Lamb divinely ordains “all believers” to be prophets, priests and kings to the nations. No burden for seeking and saving the lost, hence barren. Exodus 19:5,6; Math. 4:19; Luke 19:10; John 15:16; 1Peter 2:9; Revelation 1:5,6; 5:9,10

C- 3

Theologically qualified leader but lacks discipling skills, hence steals sheep to build his church. Financially supported from an outside agency. Deluded – thinks singing endless songs with loud music is worship. Does not know that offering “lost sheep” is true worship that covers many sins. Like other churches, does not empower, commission and release but controls. Product - pew potatoes. Rom. 15:16; Malachi 1:11; Psalm 51:17; James 5:20)

C- 4

Contextualized. Mostly first generation believers who meet in neutral places. Healing and deliverance take place. Theologically non-qualified local leader. Encourages growth from people of other faiths but uses the gathering for income generation. Does not know that the mandate of the church is to bless all nations, tongues and tribes by enabling them to stand before the Throne of God by fulfilling the Great Commission. Some fruit that does not remain (replicate). Gen. 12:3; 1Cor. 16:19; Acts 20:29,30; John 15:2; 8,16; Rev. 7:9,10

C- 5

The Great Commission church. Small group “meat” anytime, anywhere with “anyone” as leader where the main menu is “The Lamb”. Congregation mostly first generation believers. Highly interactive, healing and deliverance common. Focused on TOT “Task Oriented Training” for making healthy reproducing disciples that plant healthy multiplying churches. Seekers are proactively invited, discipled, equipped and sent as Kingdom Colonizers to their own oikos (extended family and friends). 1Cor. 14:24-32; 2Tim. 2:2; 1Tim. 2:8; Matt. 28:19; John 15:16; 20:21; Acts 16:5

C- 6

Persecuted invisible church. Secret believers sometimes called Insiders. Numbers unknown, probably in millions, especially in hostile nations. Many read electronic Bible. Workplace and Internet Ministers (Eph. 4:12) trained in apologetics (1Peter 3:15; Titus 1:9) can reach them at their convenient time and place (not church) and change the entire spiritual spectrum of any nation. Mark 15:42-47: John 3:1-2